Eliminate those itches through the practice of acupuncture at the Chinese Medical Centre

Itch, or pruritus, is a common sensation that causes a person to want to scratch. It can be a major quality of life issue. Itch is a complex process that can be prompted by a variety of health impairments. It is commonly associated with skin disorders such as atopic dermatitis and urticaria or being a symptom of an underlying disease such as cholestasis or hyperthyroidism. It can also manifest from dry skin, especially in cold weather.

The detailed mechanism of itch is unclear. It is suggested that free nerve endings located superficially in the skin are stimulated and involve the complex process. The annoying sensation is transmitted through the nerve fibres in the skin to the spinal cord, and then to the cerebral cortex.

Itch is a common complaint, but one that can often be a challenge to treat. Medicinal cures are in abundance but for a more pure and natural remedy, patients are advised to try accupuncture. Acupuncture can be a beneficial therapy based on the called nervous gate theory of neurotransmission, through which acupuncture can effectively rectify the imbalanced neurotransmission from the itch-related skin to the brain, therefore it can ease or even cure the psychogenic or neurogenic itch.

Acupuncture therapy with few side-effects has been proposed as a corticosteroid-sparing treatment approach and can potentially provide a viable alternative to topical steroids, anti-histamine, or other prescriptional medications. Dr Xian Lai has succeeded in curing different types of itch by acupuncture, helping some clients stop a decade-taking anti-histamine drugs.

For more information, contact Dr Xian Yang Lai (MD, PhD ). His clinic is located at No1 Nile Lodge, Lower Salthill, Galway. Call 087-799 7866 or log on the website: www. CMCgalway.com



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