Anti-cancer, health and vitality one-day programme

An anti-cancer, health and vitality one-day programme organised by Yvonne Duffy O’Shaughnessy, which is offered in a group setting of approximately 10 people, allows you to learn all you need to know about healing your body so you are fully equipped with the knowledge you need to ensure your diet is rich in the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to heal and, above all, prevent disease.

Juice therapy and raw food are powerful in healing and have been know to stop cancer it its tracks. This programme will provide you with the knowledge you need to build your body back up after a serious illness or degenerative disease, or if you just want to learn how to be super healthy, then this is a programme your body deserves.

During this one-day programme you will learn how to juice fruit and vegetables correctly for your specific condition, how much to juice, and how often specifically for you. You will learn how to sprout your own beans and seeds; these are key to rejuvenation of your body. You will learn how to grow and manage wheatgrass, the benefits of it, and how to incorporate it into your daily routine. You will also be given a demonstration on how to prepare lots of raw food recipes; this is also a huge part of your nutrition road to recovery and prevention.

The best way to learn is by doing and tasting. The programme will not only be nutritionally dense, it will also be practical, with lots of demonstrations on juicing, smoothies, raw food recipes, sprouting, and growing wheatgrass. The programme will also discuss supplements. If you do not alkalise your body with the correct foods it does not matter how much exercise you do, you may still not reach you health goal.

Menu plans for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as well as health snacks and treats, will be provided. There will be an expert there on the day to teach you emotional freedom techniques. You will learn EFT techniques specific to your individual needs.

This is a powerful one day programme for body, mind, and soul. The programme costs €250pp. Only 10 places are available and early booking is advised. Booking and pre-payment are necessary.

To book call Yvonne Duffy O’Shaughnessy on 087 0573098 or visit



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