Wrap up in style

Fancy a hot cinnamon body wrap? If so, check out Galway’s first body wrap bar at Roza Beauty Rooms at the the Toni & Guy salon at St Augustine Street.

The Hot Cinnamon Slimming Body Wrap is perfect for this time of year because of its warming qualities - ideal for when you come in from the cold.

A special blend of exothermic ingredients are used which help detoxify the skin and create a more even skintone. The cream is massaged onto freshly exfoliated skin and it reacts immediately by heating up. The area is then wrapped in film and this process is repeated until the entire body has been wrapped. The client is then taken to the spa capsule to rest for half an hour. The capsule acts like an oven to incubate the cream and accelerate its slimming process. After being “unwrapped” at the massage table you receive a mini full body massage and mini facial.

Roza Beauty Room also offers the Colway Facial. Collagen is a naturally occurring protein and is the primary component of the body’s connective tissues. This Polish collagen solution is obtained from the skins of fish from natural reservoirs. A special tool, instead of needles, is used in this 90 minute facial, as well as specific massaging techniques to apply the pure collagen serum.


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