Connecting with angels

Are you finding life difficult? Are you struggling with problems, maybe financial or emotional? If so, who do you lean on? Your partner, family or friends?

Or maybe you reach out to your guardian angels as more and more people are doing so today. Even in our darkest moments we are not alone, these special guides are there to help and protect us and smooth our pathway through life, says Mariel Clarke, a spiritual facilitator and master teacher trainer who conducts angel healing classes in Galway.

“Our guardian angels are our closest companions together with the many millions of angels who tend our planetary reality,” she says. “There is no correct way to perceive angels. They are here to help us raise our loving understanding and they connect with us at the highest level at which we are capable of functioning. Angels are with us whether we believe in them or not. Their close presence is deeply encouraging - just the helping hand for which so many of us have been praying.

“They are always here around us although they cannot intercede unless we specifically ask them to help us. It is your decision whether you walk through the door or walk past it. Whether your need is to find a loving relationship, to gain abundance and success in your life, to clarify your hopes and dreams for the future, to find strength, courage or empowerment to fight your battles or to find self-healing, inner peace and serenity angels can give you loving assistance. Ask and it will be given.”

Divine perfection

She believes our guardian angels are always with us, sending love, compassion and encouragement our way. “Your guardian angel holds the vision of our divine perfection and reminds you of this constantly. He whispers to you of harmony, truth and integrity. If you cannot resolve a problem, your angel holds the vision for the highest outcome making it possible for you to achieve it. However badly you think you behave your angel loves you unconditionally. Your angel is appointed to you at birth and stays with you evolving as you evolve.

“Angels want to help you but under spiritual law cannot do so unless you ask. Your angel’s greatest delight is to smooth your life. No task is too small or too large for your angel to do. For example, he will help you shop for perfect presents, drive safely or introduce you to someone who can help you. Your guardian angel brings about synchronicities and meetings in your life. If it is not your destiny to suffer or your time to die your guardian angels will step in and save you. They can only feel as close as you allow them to. Often they cannot get through the turbulent vibrations of our emotions to reach us and unfold us as they would like.”

Angels will help to bring new and better things into your life, she outlines. They will assist you on a day-to-day, hour-to-hour, minute by minute basis to smooth your life if you ask for help. Get into the habit of asking for small things as well as big things and you will be amazed at the results, she says.

“So if you wish to ask your angels to help let your requests come from a calm, centred, peaceful space within you. Ask expecting that there will be a response. Trust that help is there and it will be.”

Sixth sense

Angels connect with us in different ways. A picture may flash into our minds that will contain the solution to whatever problem concerns us, or sometimes we have a sixth sense about something or at other times it will be a clear thought, idea or an inner knowing.

“You must listen. Your task is to keep open and receptive. The answers will come. The angels will bring the perfect answers to you in the perfect way. Angels use synchronicity and coincidence to give you signals about your life path and their presence. You can ask your angel to make his presence felt in a physical way. Some people literally feel a hand placed on them so physically that they believe it is human and when they open their eyes, they are often shocked to find there is no one there.

“At other times the sensation that your angel brings you is more subtle, the brush of a wing against your arm, a cool wind on your face, a waft of perfume, a sudden feeling of peace or love or a sense of being enfolded with wings. Often the moment is illusionary and seconds later you are left wondering if you imagined it. Always hold the moment in your heart because your angel has tried hard to give you that experience to enable you to know of his presence. Know that angels are all around you. They will comfort you when you are in need of help. If you are open to their touch you will feel it as they heal and help you.”

Mariel says meditation and visualisation are good ways to nurture relationships with our angels, She recommends that people still their minds in whatever way they find best, for example, creating a sacred space or playing gentle music. In the stillness you are able to connect and listen to the guidance and promptings of your angels, she maintains.

The right path

Ms Clarke claims there are five ways of knowing your angels are with you. “1. Finding a tiny white feather. This indicates that you are on the right path. A door has opened for you in your life and it is likely to be your guardian angel signifying approval for what you are doing. You will probably continue to smell the same fragrance from time to time or perhaps when you are talking to your angel.

2. A bright light or colour within your mind. After you have closed your eyes and asked for angelic help you may receive a sudden flash of illumination within your mind. It may momentarily fill your mind with light or may pass across your inner vision (often gold or purple ). All of these manifestations mean your plea has been heard.

3. Tingling in the air. Hold your hand out in front of you or above your head after a short meditation in which you have asked for help. You will feel a tingling against your hand like a gentle electric current - angels are around you. If you then call in another angel, the tingling will increase or change in nature. If at first, you don’t feel anything keep trying and after a while you will begin to sense the energy. You may also see tiny points of light in your peripheral vision.

4. A feeling of warmth. Often when you have invoked an angel with a feeling of love in response you will feel filled with warmth, comfort or peace. This is particularly noticeable as heat in the palms of your hands or around your heart. It may be a wave of love pouring right through you before ebbing away.

5. A rainbow. This is an angelic sign from your angels from above. A rainbow forms a bridge of hope and a promise of something better to come. The rainbow is also made up of the seven main colours of the chakra system. Colour is an integral part of an energy field and colour lifts the mood. Wearing something bright and cheerful lights up our life whereby wearing something dark drains our energy and alters our mood consciousness.”

Highest good

She explains that angels cannot and will not assist you if you ask for something motivated by greed. Nor will they help you receive something which is not spiritually right. She says people can ask the angels to help someone else for his or her highest good.

“Angels are always around us but many people cannot see them as their vibration is so much higher than ours. As you deepen your angelic connection by working daily with the angels you will increasingly sense their energy in your heart, mind, body and in the atmosphere around you. If you act on the angels advice your heart will be lifted and your spirit healed by their spiritual essence.”

Ways to call upon the angels include writing a letter to them, visualising them in your mind or simply calling out to them for help, according to Mariel Clarke. She says people should pour out their hearts in the letter, discussing their confusions, hurts, fears and anxieties.

“Hold nothing back, so that the angels can help every part of you and your situation. Or you can visualise them. Visualising angels is a powerful way to call them to your side. See angels flying in circles around you or loved ones. See powerful angels thronged by your side. See the room you are in, crowded with thousands of angels. These visualisations are angelic invocations that create your reality.

Mental cry

“You can mentally call upon an angel. Think, “Angels, please help me” and they are with you instantly. If you are sincere in your call the angels hear your mental cry for assistance. You can word your request as an affirmation, such as “Angels, I am in pain and need your help now”. You can ask God to send you angels or you can call the angels directly. You might find that spending time alone in a quiet setting, especially outdoors in nature, is a wonderful opportunity to have a verbal conversation with the angels.”

She accepts there will always be “Doubting Thomas’” who will question the existence of angels. Believing in them requires a willingness to suspend judgment, to open ourselves to possibilities we’ve only ever dreamed about, she says.

“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. Helen Keller said ‘They must be felt with the heart’. Today open your heart to the love of your angels and watch the magic as they weave the threads to form the tapestry of your life.”



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