Lisa Regan - Sister of centre back Tony Og Regan, member of Galway Hurler Supporters’ Club, and secretary of local Rahoon hurling club.

Lisa Regan predicts that if Galway prosper on Sunday and eclipse that 23 year that a dearh of positivity will radiate through the county. “If Galway won, it would put hurling back on the map and make it cool again. I’ve seen a newfound interest in our own club already. We’ve had eight to 10 new kids requesting to join so hopefully a revival will follow. I love all sports in general but in a county like Galway, particularly in the city, other sports often get more attention but if we won on Sunday I think things would change.”

It is simple to deduce that she has an untameable passion for Galway hurling and although she asserts that her interest comes voluntarily, the family factor is unmissable. Her brother currently occupies the pivotal centre back position, and being the daughter of the iconic Tony ‘The Horse’ Regan, an affiliation with hurling of some degree was always inevitable for Lisa Regan. However her devotion to Galway hurling to date delves deeper than just the familial connection. Her affection for hurling is cemented by her secretarial role in the Rahoon hurling club coupled with her contribution to the GHSC as PRO.

Ms Regan’s affirmation that Galway will win on Sunday is bred from her belief that the first game has eradicated the bulk of the nerves from the players. Now they are free to play expressive hurling and compete on their on terms.

She imagines a future where the youth aspire to emulate the accomplishments of Galway. “I think it would be fantastic if the kids could say that one of the Galway hurlers is their hero. There’s nothing better than hearing that they want to be like Fergal Moore or Dave Collins or Damien Hayes when they get older.”

She concluded that there is a heightened sense of community spirit generated by the build-up. “The place has gone cracked. There are flags everywhere and one of the locals even laid out our school jerseys on a wash line. We submitted a video piece for Up For The Match and all I had to do was just announce it. About 140 children turned up so that just shows what great enthusiasm the All-Ireland has created locally.” Let’s hope her assertions come to fruition on Sunday.

Her prediction- Galway: 2-15

Kilkenny: 0-19


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