Pat McDonagh - Supermac's MD and team sponsor

For students defeated by the nightlife and craving a midnight feast the Supermac's logo was a sight you could scarcely decipher. But the Supermac's label takes on a different form on the Galway jersey. For the Galway fans, there are few things more iconic than the Supermac's captioning the galway jersey in a calming and composed white font as opposed to the demonic red that the post CPs crew are more accustomed to.

Supermac's has enjoyed an alliance with the Galway Hurling association for years and unlike most other sponsorsihps, this is more than just about advertising the business. They have shared in the spoils of glory and shouldered the agony. All of those occasions are embroidered in those interwoven letters and they can be recalled intermittently with one fleeting glance at the Galway jersey.

The brand will shine brighter than ever on Sunday, and will hopefully illuminate the path to victory for the tribesmen. Pat McDonagh has proclaimed that all of the branches of this national fast food franchise are behind the team and are willing for another happy memory to add to those already attached with the advertising legacy foraged with Supermac's. Pat is a stalwart supporter of the Galway team and he has watched them evolve into the complete team dynamic.

"They play for each other. This year they have improved and unified and shown great desire to win. I watched them in the first game and they tackled well throughout the game so I think they will have nothing to lose going into the replay. Kilkenny will be going in as favourites again and that seems to suit the Galway team. The pressure is off and they can be confident going into the match."

Mr McDonagh cannot help but trepidate about this experienced Kilkenny outfit of whom some may be nearing the end of their careers. "For some of the Kilkenny lads, this could be the last hooray and they'll be out to prove a point. I think it's going to come down too who wants it more and mental toughness will play a huge part in the match."

"I expect the first 10 minutes of each half to be critical. The exchanges will be physical and it won't be the same type of game we saw the last day. I also want to wish the Galway ladies Intermediate camogie team the very best of luck in their replay All-Ireland on Saturday."


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