Molad le dia

Kilkenny cats got an awful shock

When the underdogs they tried to block

Their scratching claws were kept at bay

By the mongrels from old Galway

Thoroughbred hurlers through and through

Showed the cats a thing or two

With a calm approach right to the fore

Twas the real thing

The buck of Oranmore

The dancing cats were caught on the hop

By the lads from Galway

The pick of the crop

When, why, who, and how?

Kilkenny heaved a sad meeow

Sensing now that this is their chance

The Galway blazers pulled up their pants

The roar of the crowd

Would make you deaf

As all eyes perched on the ref

The ball is in, a game is on

The sad meeow is getting strong

Two defeats would be too much to bear

In simple lauguage, it wouldn’t be fair

Those crazy dogs wouldn’t do it again

To the likes of these Kilkenny men

But stranger things have happened before

Enough is enough

Can’t take anymore

The McCarthy Cup

Fill it with milk

The cats may sleep

On a pillow of silk

An amazing thing is about to happen

Catch the cats while they’re nappin’

Cats and dogs lie down with each other

Kilkenny and Galway

Sister and brother

Cupla focal never went astray

Here or now, come what may

Anonymous Galway supporter


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