Heartwarming tale from Branar

BRANAR, TÉATAR DO PHÁISTÍ’s mission is to create a “simple elegant form of theatre for young people”, which it delivers in its latest production Croi a Mhuscailt - Awakening a Heart.

Simple, sweet, and short - this story of few words is told through two puppets - an elderly women, who has lost her husband, and her granddaughter. Both cope in their own way - the granny through packing her husband’s belongings and with it their memories into suitcases; the granddaughter by wanting to keep his memory alive through those same belongings. It is the child’s innocence that finally rewakens her granny.

At the heart of the production is the grandad’s big empty armchair - both a symbol and a prop - and once again music is integral to this peformance, perfectly chosen and orcestrated by Morgan Cook.

At 40 minutes long, this production is suitable for children over five. Youngsters can take the puppets at face value - although there is not a lot of “action” for boys - while older children and adults will relate to the feelings of loss and recovery in this heartwarming tale.

The art of puppetry retains its magic and for that we are grateful to Branar.



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