A new look at the misunderstood moth

MOTHS ARE generally regarded as pesky little creatures who get into your wardrobe and fly too near lightbulbs. However, one Galway photographer believes they deserve better than the whack of a rolled-up newspaper.

“You may think of butterflies as bright and colourful, while moths are brown and dull,” says photographer Heather Greer, “but many moths in fact are highly coloured and beautiful; they deserve to be looked at and admired.”

It is a point she sets outs to prove with her new exhibition Western Wings: Moths and butterflies of Connemara which is currently on show at the Connemara National Park, Letterfrack, until July 8.

Western Wings features more than 80 photographic images of moths, butterflies, and some of the larvae of both.

“The subjects here are by no means rare or uncommon to see,” says Heather. “Rather, they are all around us; it’s just that many of us just don’t notice that they’re there! What I would like to achieve through this exhibition is a raised awareness of both the beauty and the ecological value of butterflies and especially of moths.”


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