Follow a weight loss programme that really works

We all know dieting just does not work. In fact dieting causes our bodies to go into starvation mode and work to store fat, not burn it. So not only are you hungry, fatigued, and irritated but your body is working harder to hang on to and store those pounds.

Replacement meals and diet shakes are not the solution either. When it comes to weight loss there are so many experts telling us about the next big thing, but the only way to lose weight is to take a healthy, consistent, approach, to start to get your metabolism back on track, get your body working properly and burning unwanted and unneeded fat. This is where SureSlim at Therapie Clinic comes in.

Therapie Clinic introduced SureSlim to Ireland after learning about its incredible success around the world, with more than a million people losing weight on the programme. It is a leading weight loss programme worldwide based on nutrition, metabolic processes, and hormone regulation. The programme works by correcting metabolism so the body starts to burn fat. A blood test at a local GP checks for potential disorders that may influence weight. These results are then used to create a personalised eating plan, put together by a medical professional, specifically for your own physiological make-up. Your lifestyle and food likes and dislikes are also taken into account.

While following the eating plan, you learn how to feed your body properly. You also attend regular, one-to-one, meetings with your own SureSlim consultant who will give you the support, guidance, and encouragement you need to succeed. Participants are losing up to 10lb or even 12lb per month.

If you are serious about losing weight and re-claiming your body, phone the SureSlim consultant at Therapie Clinic for more information on 091 539 900 or visit



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