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Multitasking marvels

As a huge fan of multitasking products, I went around the Brown Thomas cosmetics hall yesterday to find out if I was missing any of them in my own kit. A good make-up artist can show you how to use a product to its (and your ) best advantage, and so many products now do more than what it says on the can.

One that I have with me at all times is Christian Dior’s Skin Flash radiance booster. I keep one on the dashboard of my car, as you can really see those harsh realities on the face in the cold light of day, and I like to react accordingly. Ostensibly a concealer, Jenny on Dior has shown me how to use it as a highlighter under the eyes and over the brows, and to rub into the fine lines (OK, wrinkles ) around my mouth. Because it contains bi-skin, a seaweed extract, it is a treatment as well, and it diminishes the appearance of fine lines, up to 60 per cent, in 60 minutes. I mean, why would you not use it?

Bobbi Brown’s best multitasking product is its soothing balm. Everything about this product is ideal — the jar, the colour, the texture; don’t even get me started on the smell. I use it for dry patches on my face, for cuticles, and I dab it onto split ends in my hair to achieve that healthy ‘piecey’ look without weighing down with product.

While Beyonce may have Sasha Fierce, Mac costumers has Viva Glam’s Nicki Minaj lipstick (that doubles a blush ) to transform and to kick up a notch what Mother Nature gave you. Tracey on counter uses this product on her clients’ lips and cheeks; it is so simple yet makes a dramatic difference to the face, partly because the colour is so good, and partly because when the lips and cheeks are working in perfect harmony; by using the same product, it gives a balanced look to the face.

Over at Bare Minerals there is a hardworking little product in Prime Time, a primer that works as a base under foundation to almost ‘grip’ and hold the product all day, but many people actually buy it because it also works to conceal redness on the face.

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm, an oldie but goody, is guaranteed to take you from pasty and tired to radiant and dewy in a heartbeat. Gently patted onto the face under your foundation, this product works for every age group. It can also be used as a mask to boost radiance.

If there is any product that you are currently using, in a ‘multiple’ way, the staff in the cosmetics hall would love to know. Email in and we will use your tip on counter and in future articles.

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