Start to shed weight today — proven new ingredient discovered

Imagine being able to curb your hunger pangs, increase your energy levels, and kickstart your metabolism into burning more calories and shedding unwanted weight. How about eliminating unwanted weight from notoriously difficult areas, from the thighs, waist, bum, and even the neck and chin?

Enter SlimFit, a 100 per cent natural, clinically proven slimming supplement, exclusively available at Therapie Clinics nationwide. In the US, top medical doctors including Oprah Winfrey’s Dr Oz has called the key ingredient, African mango, a “breakthrough supplement” and a “miracle in your medicine cabinet”. Dr Tanya Edwards, also from Dr Oz, said: “I lost seven pounds without making any changes in my usual healthy diet and exercise routine! I began recommending it to my patients who needed to lose weight, especially if they had high cholesterol and/or diabetes.”

Super-slim Nicole Kidman has also been linked to the product and her slim yet healthy physique is an inspiration to us all.

What makes SlimFit so special is that it harnesses the power of natural, wonder-ingredient, African mango, which has been used for centuries to reduce and prevent obesity, treat infections, and lower cholesterol. It works by eliminating cravings, boosting energy levels, and even enhances your mood while you start to burn fat and lose weight.

One of the main reasons we become over-weight and even obese is because we tend to overeat. Slimfit effectively suppresses the appetite to help reduce the amount of food we ingest. Irvingia gabonensis (African mango’s scientific name ) helps to control and regulate the hormone leptin, a hormone that controls hunger. When leptin is released into the bloodstream, it alerts the brain that the body has had enough food and so trains us to be satisfied with smaller portions of food.

SlimFit serves the same purpose coffee and energy drinks are designed to serve, except without the negative side effects. You will enjoy a natural energy boost, obvious just a day or two after starting taking the supplement.

Therapie Clinic recommends you use this extra energy to start to work out, even just some gentle walking to start with, to speed up the weight loss effects while also becoming healthier and fitter.

It is worth noting that Slimfit does not contain the ingredient sibutramine, which has been in the news of late in other slimming supplements. Instead, SlimFit is 100 per cent natural, entirely safe, containing the goodness of pure African mango extract in its purest form, combined with green tea extract and caffeine. Most people report an early weight loss of about 10lb, followed by consistent weight loss in smaller amounts the following weeks.

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