Twelve ways to style yourself thinner in 2012

Style Council

Wear high heels

Heels will always make legs looking long, lean, and sexy. Whether it is a kitten heel or a four inch heel, go for a height you can walk comfortably in. Thin heels with a peep toe or pointy toe will lengthen the legs. Avoid a chunky heel as this shorten the legs.

Comfortable shapewear

The benefits of a shapewear are great — it smoothes the bulges, lifts your breasts and behind, and controls your tummy. But there is nothing worse than an uncomfortable shapewear. The correct one should suit your shapes and be comfortable enough for you to forget you are wearing it.

Wear clothes that fit

Clothes that are either too baggy or too tight will make you look bigger that you are. Always go for clothes that fit properly.

Open neckline

A V-neck or scoop neck is a flattering neckline choice and draws the attention upwards away from the midsection or hips, making your silhouette look longer.

Right underwear

The correct underwear is the foundation of a great style. Invest in underwear that fits. Get your bra fitted at least once a year. The correct bra should give good support and a lift. Ensure your panties do not create visible panty lines — look for panties that do have invisible seams.

Dark denim

The darker the jeans, the slimmer your will look. A simple style without extra pockets or fancy designs is a winner.

One hue head to toe

Create an uninterrupted vertical line from the head to the toe to look taller and thinner with clothes of the same hue.

Match your shoes with your legs

During the winter months match the colour of your tights with the colour of your shoes. In the summer a pair of nude shoes is a must — they will make your legs look miles long and give you a thinner looking silhouette.

Use jewellery

Use jewellery strategically to draw the eyes away from the midsection and curvy hips. A long necklace will elongate your body. Big earrings will draw attention to your face. Bracelet or rings will accentuate your forearms instead of your upper arms.

Wear a blazer

Shaped at the waist, a blazer will easily give you definition at the waist, no matter what shape you are. Wear it open with jeans and a loose top.

Look for the right fabrics

The right fabric is as important as the cut of the clothes. Fabrics with some spandex help to slim the silhouette. Lightweight materials are slimming, eg, light denim, cotton, or silk. Bulky fabrics such as corduroy, brocade, suede, or leather should be worn sparingly.

Walk tall

Correct posture is key to looking tall and thinner. Stand up straight, and chin up.

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