The real weight loss miracle — fixing your metabolism

Metabolism faults can severely limit or stop weight loss no matter how much dieting or exercise you do. To achieve real weight loss and to keep the weight off you need to address your metabolism weak spots. This is not just about getting the best and fastest weight loss but more importantly this is the only way to get real weight loss and avoid the false weight loss (mostly just water loss ) that you get from nearly all plans.

More than diet or exercise, your metabolism controls your weight loss. The beneficial effects of dieting and exercise are controlled by your metabolism. However dieting and exercise are also key to developing a good metabolism. Too much dieting and exercise stresses your metabolism and will severely limit weight loss.

A slow thyroid can cost you 400 to 600 calories, more than a one-hour workout. An estimated 35 per cent of people have undiagnosed slow thyroid. Constipation, suffered by nearly 40 per cent of adults, makes it virtually impossible to lose weight. A sluggish liver due to drinking, smoking, and medicines greatly affects your ability to burn fat. Hormone imbalances that occur after a pregnancy can make it very difficult for some women to lose their excess weight.

It is not surprising eight out of 10 people who try to lose weight stick after three weeks and then fail. The System 10 weight loss plan addresses your metabolism weak spots through diet, exercise, and proper nutrition.

The plan includes an analysis of your metabolism through a unique questionnaire highlighting your metabolism weak spots, a selection of dietician designed highly balanced seven day food plans of normal natural foods to fix your metabolism, an exercise plan including toning to maximise your metabolism, and nutritional supplement recommendations to help rapidly repair your metabolism.

There is a choice of six and 10 week plans for home or gym, available for men and women. Motivation techniques and private weekly weigh-ins will keep you focused on your goal. There is also a maintenance weight check one month after finishing plan.

To get started on your weight loss and health contact certified System 10 weight loss consultant Grace Joyce on 087 1727882 for an appointment at the Moycullen clinic.


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