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Clinique chubby stick.

Clinique chubby stick.

Going from day to night in a hurry is going to be top on every woman’s agenda over the next few weeks. This can be done in a jiffy with the right tools at hand, and a few extra minutes in the morning.

Number one on the list for prep is hydration. During the winter months I use a super moisturising cocktail of Clarins Orchid Bleue treatment oil, which I press into fine lines (or deep ridges depending on the morning that’s in it ). It deeply penetrates the skin and travels deeper that moisturiser on its own. I give that at least 10 minutes to sink in. Next, I pat on Crème de Mer, and let that sink in while driving into work, then, (and here’s the deal breaker ) if I’m going out after work, I add Laura Mercier radiance primer — it does exactly as it says, adding radiance while acting as a ‘grip’ for your foundation, which I apply while driving in to work (concentrating on the road at all times of course ).

All of this prep will ensure that by that evening, when you need to amp things up, your skin will be in good hydrated shape to do so. In case you are wondering, this exact formulation works wonders the morning after a night out as well. The ‘transformation’ before you leave work that evening should take less than five minutes, layering either lips or eyes, and adding shimmer.

The Brown Thomas experts advise concentrating on the eyes or the mouth. Dramatic red lips are an easy option, and I love the formulation of Clinique’s chubby stick, try it in chunky cherry. It is the perfect cross between a lipstick and lip pencil and lasts and lasts. With red lips, try Chanel’s eye brightener pencil in Claire. It is a beigey nude, not a harsh white like other brighteners, so it looks more natural. Applied to the inner and outer lash line it adds definition without drama, keeping the focus on the lips. If you are not in the frame of mind for red lips and choose to focus on your eyes, just before you leave work to go to your party, carelessly line the insides of the lash line with Mac’s kohl pencil in black. It is a good carbon black, and if you blink tightly a few times you have that dramatic smudgy sexy eye without it being too perfect. Late nights call for Estée Lauder’s Double Wear mascara, and that can be put on in the morning and forgotten about. If you do choose to go the black kohl, try a soft pink or nude lip, again Clinique’s chubby stick has the formulation if you can get the pink that suits you.

All that is left is to highlight. I say go heavy, and call in the big guns, Mac or Bobbi Brown. Mac’s mineralised skin finish powder, called soft and gentle, brushed across the nose and tops of the cheeks, or Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick will do the trick nicely.


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