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Cannot leave the house without...

Mac cream blush.

Mac cream blush.

After last week’s column on make-up addictions, my inbox was inundated with mail. It seems every woman has a few items that cross the line in her kit from a mere like to a love. Personally I think everything you have in your make-up kit or wardrobe should be a ‘love’. Life is too short for ‘likes’.

Occasionally someone would mention a product that I used to love, but somehow fell off my radar. Like Rebekah Bartolozzi, who named Lancôme’s oscillating mascara. She says it gives all over coating to lashes, adds length and thickness, and she spends half the time putting it on compared with other mascaras. It is something else, and I would add that it tilts your lashes out at a natural angle as well. It will not clump all your lashes together, but rather separates and fans them out.

Deirdre Gulliot cannot live without Mac’s highlighter from the prep and prime range, to cover under eye blue. Elaine Bright Jensen named Elizabeth Arden’s Prevage anti-ageing serum as the one product she could never give up, while Grainne McMahon is loving Mac’s cream blush at the moment, in pink. She goes on to say it is perfect for that daytime natural look, and instantly cheers her up when she applies it. This blush gives a good ‘stain’ or ‘glow’, and a tip for using it, rather than applying with your fingers, is buff it on with Mac’s 188 brush — it gives an even more natural finish that will last and last.

Eileen Larkin, a professional make-up artist, loves Lancôme’s Photogenic foundation, known in the trade for its line smoothing and light mastering properties. Karen Quinn’s favourite product is Elizabeth Arden’s 8 hour cream; she uses this as a night moisturiser a few times a week, and finds it especially good if your skin is feeling dehydrated.

Vivienne brings up Estée Lauder’s Double Wear light, most women will find the Double Wear range superb for a number of reasons. I mention Double Wear a lot in this column because not only is it long lasting, but the colours are very true and, if you are fair like Vivienne or myself, this very important. Bear in mind that you never want to add colour to your face through foundation (that is what blush and bronzer is for ).

Susan Byron writes that she would not leave the house without her Chanel Rouge Allure (33 ) lipstick, personally selected by Edwina on the Chanel counter. She loves it because it goes with virtually every outfit she has and on top of that it is hydrating and long lasting. Though trained as a Chanel skincare expert, Edwina has an uncanny gift for matching people with the perfect shade of lipstick. Some might be quick to point out it would not cause an international incident if you chose the wrong lipstick, but think about what a difference it makes when it does complement, and not clash with, your colouring.

A great big thank you to all those who emailed and texted in.


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