Fight skin ageing with Seavite

Doctors Jane (left) and Katherine Mulrooney, the medical directors of Seavite.

Doctors Jane (left) and Katherine Mulrooney, the medical directors of Seavite.

Seavite, the organic seaweed-based skincare brand, has launched its latest secret weapon in the battle against skin ageing.

The company which was set up in 1993 by Taylor’s Hill couple, Kaye and the late Patrick Mulrooney, a marine scientist who believed in the healing powers of the sea, describes its use of the skin balancing complex algolibrium in its products as a “very exciting breakthrough” in skincare.

Pioneered by the founders’ daughters, cosmetic doctors Dr Jane and Dr Katherine Mulrooney of the Clinic, Sandymount Green in Dublin, this ground breaking ingredient tackles the signs of ageing with laser-like focus.

It does this in two distinct ways by improving the appearance of the complexion while stimulating and defending the tissues beneath the surface of the skin for better skin in the future.

They say it represents an important advance in anti-ageing with the added advantages of being both organically derived and being ideally suited to sensitive skin.

Algolibrium works to regulate and restore the skin barrier function for healthier skin day to day. The skin’s natural defence against the elements, environmental pollutants, bacteria and allergens, this microscopic layer of fat coats the skin of the face and body, like icing on a cake, working to keep moisture in and to keep bacteria, allergans and irritants out.

This defensive layer is easily compromised by extreme weather conditions, harsh cosmetics, stressful lifestyles and poor diet. Once weakened, moisture begins to leach from the skin causing the cells to shrink which allows bacteria and allergans to pass between them resulting in dehydration and inflammation of the skin, two factors which play a key role in skin ageing over time.

The essential fatty acids omega 3 and omega 9 found in the marine botanicals contained in algolibrium resemble the skin’s natural oils and work to regulate and restore this all important skin lipid layer, according to Seavite. Normal skin is nourished, dry skin is quenched, oily skin is balanced, sensitive skin is soothed and mature skin appears more radiant.

“The typical Celtic skin type prevalent in Ireland is officially both the world’s thinnest and most sensitive,” explains Dr Katherine Mulrooney. “Not only is it unusually prone to premature ageing but we as cosmetic doctors are limited in what we can use on such sensitive skin to avoid allergic reactions. Algolibrium provides the ideal anti-ageing solution for all ages and all skin types, including the most sensitive, such as my own.”

Kaye Mulrooney, Seavite co-founder and managing director, says her late husband Pat who founded Seavite, was ahead of his time in recognising the skin benefits of seaweed marine botanicals.

“Seaweed has evolved natural mechanisms to allow it to stay hydrated and thrive in salt water plus extremes of heat and cold. So, it’s perhaps not surprising that it would have benefits for other natural tissues such as human skin and science now confirms this to be the case.”

* The Seavite range comprises 14 products including seven facial products ranging in price from €14 to €30, two haircare (€10 to €12 ) and five bodycare (€10 to €20 ) and is available from numerous stockists, including the Treasure Chest, Evergreen health stores, and leading pharmacies, including McLoughlin’s pharmacies at the Corrib Shopping Centre, Westside and Knocknacarra, Walsh’s pharmacy, Knocknacarra, and Varley’s pharmacy, Eyre Square Centre.


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