Four contestants embark on System 10 Save a Life challenge

David McDonagh, dietician, fitness instructor, designer of System 10, and resident expert on, is embarking on a journey to help change the lives of four Irish people who are morbidly obese. He launched this project on Wednesday October 19 and appeared on Ireland AM that morning with two of the contestants to tell people all about it and what lies ahead of the four lucky contestants who won this opportunity through the System 10 Save a Life project, which had been running for the past six months

These contestants will become part of an individually designed weight loss programme which gives them the very best of precision designed food plans, exercise plans, and metabolism correction. Along with this each contestant will receive one to one coaching from highly experienced System 10 weight loss consultants who will motivate them and keep them focused on reaching their weight loss targets. They will follow this programme for the next six months until they reach their weight loss goals.

Each of the contestants is morbidly obese and all have suffered with prolonged weight loss issues for most of their lives; some even have associated health problems due to their current weight.

“This type of weight loss can only be managed by people who are qualified in dealing with severe weight issues,” Mr McDonagh said. “System 10 is the only weight loss programme that can guarantee natural safe weight loss through metabolism correction. We can change these people’s lives.

“This is going to be a tough journey for these contestants, they have previously failed with other weight loss programmes and they will face days when they will want to give up again, but if everyone supports them by following them on their weekly blogs and even just by posting your words of support this will help them to succeed this time.”

For more details on their weight loss journey, and to be in with a chance to win your own weight loss transformation, go to the System 10 Facebook page or the website



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