Add a new twist to your workout

It is being hailed as the latest fitness must-have and has none other than America’s First Lady Michelle Obama singing its praises.

She says she stays in shape with the help of a Powerhoop which promises to strengthen your core muscles, burn calories and tone your body.

This weighted Hula Hoop can be used anywhere with its rapid circular movement working the abdominal muscles, hips and waist.

Users can slowly build up the number of minutes spent ‘hooping’ each day and track their progress, weight and inch loss.

The Powerhoop is available in three sizes (weights ) : 3lb, 4lb or 5lb at €59 while a children’s version - size: 1.5lb costs €29.

Powerhoop Classes will take place at Kingfisher Clubs within the next few months.

* The Powerhoop is available from Mary Lambert at (087 ) 2756222 or [email protected]


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