Achieve flawless skin with the latest skincare advances at Therapie

Did you know that a dewy, flawless, youthful glow is not just down to good genes? Neither is it simply down to good luck. The answer is having access to the very best skincare treatments in the world. Up to now, such skincare treatments were only available with exclusive dermatologists. Leading laser and skin clinic Therapie has changed all that and offers the most effective and revolutionary skincare treatments at affordable prices. To book a free consultation drop into Therapie Clinic on Shop Street, call (091 ) 539900, or visit Therapie Clinic is recognised as a pioneer in the health and beauty industry. It has just introduced the JetPeel facial, said to be every leading lady’s red carpet secret weapon in achieving that glowing, youthful, dewy, and flawless complexion. This is the perfect treatment for a special event as we approach the party season or to regain that youthful glow at any time of year.

JetPeel facials dramatically rejuvenate the skin, improve overall skin texture, reduce wrinkles and pigmentation, and even acne and blackheads. The unique procedure also exfoliates and cleanses the skin, dramatically hydrates and oxygenates, and infuses the skin with a personalised blend of pure concentrated vitamins and supplements. The results are younger, fresher, more radiant, glowing skin. Better still is the results are long lasting and can even be achieved on your lunch break.

Therapie Clinic experts can advise whatever your skin concern. One common concern which affects a wide number of people of all ages, yet often goes unmentioned, is acne. Acne emerges from the overproduction of oil by the skin’s oil glands. While the oil normally lubricates the skin, it can sometimes get trapped in blocked oil ducts and appears as a spot. Hormonal changes can also be to blame. Therapie Clinic provides a number of effective treatments including the specialist Acne Lift treatment from Image Skincare, the leading cosmeceutical skincare brand. This outstanding treatment reduces and treats all kinds of acne while resurfacing and smoothing the skin after just one treatment. The best solution will be discussed at your free consultation. Flawless skin is achievable after all, good news indeed.



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