Addiction support and counselling in Galway

ASC Galway is a new addiction support and counselling service for those who have, or think they might have, a problem with alcohol and/or drugs. In a time where more and more suffering alcoholics and addicts are seeking the help of overworked services which often have long waiting lists, ASC makes help available to those who wish to address their issues of substance abuse when they need and are ready for it.

ASC is a non-judgmental, respectful, caring, and confidential service that provides affordable support and counselling. At ASC it is recognised that people may require help and support for many different aspects of their alcohol/drug use, ranging from wondering if they have a problem to managing more serious and devastating consequences of their drug/alcohol use. ASC also provides addiction counselling for those who know they have a problem and need support as they address these issues.

The addiction counsellor at ASC is experienced, qualified, and registered with the Irish Association of Alcohol and Addiction Counsellors (IAAAC ), and understands the pain and suffering associated with alcoholism/addiction as well as the destruction that substance abuse can bring to a person’s life and to those around him/her. Through extensive training in a wide array of techniques for the treatment of alcoholism/addiction, the counsellor at ASC will ensure that each individual’s counselling will be tailored so that it is person-centred and relevant to each person’s needs.

Without judging or labelling, ASC provides a safe, accepting, and supportive environment where issues can be explored and addressed at a pace that suits each individual. Whether it is a reduction in alcohol/drug use, or achieving abstinence and an alcohol/drug free life, ASC will provide support and specialised counselling towards attaining these goals. ASC also offers in-depth counselling to address any underlying issues that might have promoted the desire to abuse alcohol/drugs. Quite often the need to use alcohol/drug comes from the need to mask painful and difficult realities in an individual’s life.

If you are concerned that you may have an addiction problem you can fill in the questionnaire on the ASC website, To arrange an appointment call (091 ) 447111 or (087 ) 3693707, or you can send an email to [email protected]


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