Enjoy lighter life with LighterLife

The country is in the midst of an obesity crisis, with obesity affecting one in four women and one in five men. According to the National Obesity Forum many of us have a healthy body mass imagination and what we see in the mirror is not an accurate reflection of our true weight. The forum has been urging people to avoid risking their health for the sake of vanity and to get a real measure of their body mass index (BMI ).

Helping tackle obesity on a national scale, weight loss and weight management company LighterLife has helped people shed an incredible 58,509 stone in 2010. A little closer to home, Adam Butcher, LighterLife weight management counsellor for Galway, has helped residents shed incredible weight since opening his doors.

Having dropped four stone on the LighterLife Total programme in 2005, Mr Butcher knows exactly why people are turning to him for help. “One of the reasons people choose LighterLife is the speed at which they are able to lose weight,” he said. “Many clients join LighterLife having tried many other weight loss programmes and have been frustrated at the slow rate of weight loss, lost motivation, and have just given up. With LighterLife however they get fast, simple, safe, and sustainable weight loss and most clients are able to see results from week one.”

Through the use of nutritionally balanced soups, shakes, and bars combined with specialised counselling techniques, LighterLife clients benefit from rapid, safe, weight loss and also learn the behavioural changes needed to sustain it.

If you would like to find out more information about LighterLife contact Adam Butcher on (091 ) 765772.


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