European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week — time to get tested

This week is European Cervical Cancer Prevention Week. Organised by the European Cervical Cancer Association, this Europe-wide event aims to raise awareness about cervical cancer and the preventative value of having a regular smear test.

Cervical Check — the National Cervical Screening Programme and the Galway Family Planning Clinic support this event.

Cervical cancer is a cancer of the cells of the cervix (neck of the womb ), and is the second most common female cancer in Europe. Cervical cells change slowly and take many years to develop into cancer cells, making cervical cancer a preventable disease.

A smear test is a simple procedure that only takes a few minutes and is the most efficient way to detect changes in the cells before they become cancer cells.

These early changes are then monitored and treated if necessary.

Any woman aged between 25 and 60 who has not had a smear test in the last three years is encouraged to make an appointment for a free smear test with any doctor or practice nurse who is registered with Cervical Check.

All doctors and nurses at the Galway Family Planning Clinic are registered smear takers.



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