Cinema Review - Easy A

Easy A is not like your average high school comedy as the heroine is no sweetheart, in fact she goes all out to go bad, well, to pretend to be by letting the rumour mill spread the word, very quickly, that she has lost her virginity and is now selling certain favours.

Olive, played by Emma Stone, is certainly no harlot or temptress but when she grows tired of being invisible and coming second to her so-called best friend she boasts of a great date (imaginary of course ) and suddenly the whole school is talking about her and her easy ways. The lie is innocent at first with Olive suddenly getting noticed by all the guys, however, it also attracts the hatred of the local Bible bashers who condemn her to the flames of hell.

Although Olive has not actually done anything, she rebels against the gossipers by taking on the role of the school tart with gusto using a book on the curriculum, called The Scarlet Letter, as inspiration. The book’s character Hester Prynne in ostracised by her community in 17th century Puritan Boston after conceiving through an adulterous affair and is forced to wear a scarlet letter A. Olive sews the letter A on all her new tramp-like sexy outfits and parades through the school with her head held high.

However things start to get out of control when she helps a friend by pretending to have sex with him at a party. Soon, all the guys who struggle to get the girls come to Olive asking for favours - to pretend they got to second base, a kiss, or much more - in return for vouchers. In most cases Olive agrees to continue the lies to help these guys out, but like all lies they often bite back. She has lost her best friend, the school turns against her, and the accusations build up. Using the internet Olive then attempts to set the record straight and hopefully hook up with the guy she really likes.

Although not the funniest comedy there are certainly some good moments. Stone is brilliant at being the quirky, quick witted, and sarcastic Olive. Much of the film is fast paced but there are scenes that could have been cut. However if you want an easy watch with a few laughs then this is a good choice.

Verdict: 3.5/5


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