The Mackrealaytors: music, mayhem, and mackerel

Aindrias de Staic.

Aindrias de Staic.

WAKING UP in a flat on Dominick Street searching for the memory of the night before and the music that’s lost in half-baked notions is the scenario for The Mackrealaytors.

The Mackrealaytors is a new ensemble piece written by Aindrias de Staic (Around the World on 80 Quid ) which premiers as part of the Galway Theatre Festival. Aindrias will be joined on stage by local legend Daniel Guinnane, Thomas Hynes, and Colin Callanan with set design by Jojo Hynes.

Local band The Mackrealaytors are searching for their inspiration and motivation in the cultural graveyard of ambition. Set in Galway’s West End, the lads’ lives revolve around music and fishing for gigs, but drinking, smoking, and harebrained schemes over-ride their art.

The Mackrealaytors serves up a tale of madness, mayhem and insightful storytelling interwoven with superb musical interludes.

“It’s based on the kind of lifestyles we had when we had just left college, playing music, going on the piss, living on mackerel and existing in a kind of bubble,” says author de Staic.

“The show is a big step for me as it’s not a solo show. I wrote it initially in June and then, working with the cast, we have devised more elements and developed it further.”

As well as writing and performing in the show, Aindrias is taking some of the directorial responsibility.

“I’m co-directing with JoJo Hynes who has also devised this amazing set which is all made out of cardboard,” he says. “The play is about a group of musicians and they wake up on a Thursday before the Galway Advertiser has come out, so they don’t even know what gigs they have lined up, and they’re trying to remember if they’re playing anywhere. It’s about that kind of haziness and it’s also about the magic of Galway.”

The Mackrealaytors is presented by Latchiko Productions which is creating theatre to find the comedy, music, and surprise in everyday exaggerated, imaginative, storytelling from the streets and holes of Planet Latchiko.

Catch The Mackrealaytors in Druid Theatre this Saturday at 10pm and Sunday at 6pm. Tickets are €12/10 from the Town Hall Theatre on 091 - 569777.


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