New play on 9/11 for Galway Theatre Festival

A NEW play, which opens tonight as part of the Galway Theatre Festival, will depict the women who chose to leap from the twin towers on 9/11 rather than be consumed by flames.

TYGER Theatre will present Freefall: Heroes, written by Colm Byrne and directed by Jessica Curtis, in the Druid Lane Theatre tonight at 10pm and tomorrow at 6pm.

Incorporating transcripts of phone calls, air traffic communication and biographies, an ensemble of nine actors use dialogue and movement to explore the thoughts, wishes, and regrets of that woman who was trapped on the 83rd floor.

“It’s a play about redemption,” says Colm Byrne, who was working in New York the day the towers were hit. “They made a choice. They couldn't escape the fact that they were going to die, but they made a decision how.”

For tickets contact the Town Hall Theatre on 091 - 569777 or See also


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