Magic and mirth in A Midsummer Night’s Dream

A FEAST of comedy, magic, farce, imagination, and poetry, A Midsummer Night’s Dream is deservedly one of Shakespeare’s best loved plays.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be performed by the Blue Teapot Theatre Company at its venue on Munster Avenue from Friday June 18 to Saturday 26.

The Duke of Athens is to marry the Queen of the Amazons. Egeus wants his daughter Hermia to marry Demetrius. Hermia wants to marry Lysander. Helena wants to marry Demetrius, and Demetrius has broken off his engagement to Helena to pursue Hermia.

Meanwhile the King of the Fairies is jealous of a young Indian prince and punished the Fairy Queen by making her fall in love with local actor Bottom, who he puts a spell on, giving him a horses head. Bottom and his friends only wanted to rehearse a play! Cue much farce and plenty of fun.

This production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be set in Edwardian times and will stay true to the original text.

It is directed by Petal Pilley and stars Patrick Becker (Nick Bottom ), Valerie Egan (Hermia ), Charlene Kelly (Helena ), Kieran Coppinger (Lysander ), Paul Connolly (Demetrius ), Nuala Ní Chanainn (Titania ), Michael Hayes (Puck ), Emer Macken (Peaseblossom ), Frank Butcher (Mustardseed ), Margaret O’Sullivan (Snug ).

Costumes are designed by Charmian Goodall, the sets are by Brendan Savage, and the music is by Cuckoo Savante’s Morgan Cooke.

Blue Teapot provides a place where actors with a learning disability can achieve excellence and promoting social inclusion through the medium of theatre.

Tickets are now available from the Blue Teapot HQ on Munster Avenue and by calling 091 - 520977. Performance times are available for families, day centres, and theatre going audiences. For more information see


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