Rock out and laugh with Dead Cat Bounce

COMEDIANS PLAYING guitars are not new, but a comedy sketch group who can play with the panache and skill of a well-honed rock band, and be hilarious at the same time, certainly is.

Such a group is Dublin’s Dead Cat Bounce who play The Laughter Lounge in the Róisín Dubh on Wednesday June 9 at 8.30pm.

The quartet - Mick Cullinan (keyboards ), Demian Fox (drums ), Shane O’Brien (bass ), and James Walmsley (guitar, lead vocals ) - mix hilarious sketches, influenced mostly by British comedy, with even funnier songs. The song are played in various styles, including stadium rock, hip hop, 1980s pop, and heavy metal - along with all the posturing and posing these entail, all done with tongue firmly in cheek.

Support on the night is from Philadelphia’s Dom Irrera, who has made numerous cameo appearances on hit TV shows including Seinfeld, Everybody Loves Raymond, Becker, King of Queens, and movies such as the Coen brothers The Big Lebowski.

The MC is Karl Spain. On the open-mic slot is FJ Murray. Tickets are available from the Róisín Dubh and Zhivago.


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