Cinema Review - Sex And The City 2

As a ardent fan of the series I was excitingly taken away with the novelty of the first film but was disappointingly let down. However, all is forgiven, as this sequel brings back a little of the girls we love so well while, at the same time, allowing them to evolve.

There’s probably not going to be any Oscar nominations for this one, but who cares? And while the critics seem to be very divided, I found myself laughing along with the fab four’s antics and being utterly entertained. If you just go along with the fun and the fashion you will enjoy this film as much as I did.

The film opens with Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker ) walking out onto her much loved Manhattan streets reminiscing about how she met her best friends Charlotte (Kirstin Davis ), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon ), and Samantha (Kim Cattrall ). The laughs begin almost immediately with flashbacks to 80s fashion disasters; yes, even these girls got it wrong once.

Two years after her wedding to John “Mr Big” Preston, doubts have already crept in; Carrie begins to worry about them turning into a boring stay-at-home couple instead of hitting the town like she used to. Charlotte also displays some paranoia over a ‘bouncing boob’ Irish nanny and her abilities as a mother and wife. Workaholic Miranda has had enough of an overbearing, sexist boss and decides to put her family first and have a bit of fun for once. And the menopause-cheating Samantha, well, she’s just as nuts and sex obsessed as before.

The film thankfully changes scenery when Samantha manages to secure an all-expenses paid trip to Abu Dhabi. The luxury certainly suits the fab four perfectly, making the audience completely jealous. However, the girls soon get into a bit of bother with Samantha getting far too hot for this desert paradise and a flash from Carrie’s past turning up.

While SJP manages to be the loveable Carrie we all remember, it was Kim Cattrall who stole the show, she was hilarious! Cynthia Nixon and Kirstin Davis are not really given much of a chance to do much, however, there is one scene I absolutely loved which shows them swapping secrets on motherhood while ferociously sipping cocktails. One big criticism would be the awful accent of the Irish nanny; it was really annoying.

Verdict: 4/5


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