Astro decor — decorating for your stars

Part two


The main focus of the Virgo home should be the kitchen and bathroom, especially a luxurious shower with a pulsating, massaging, shower head. Include in the design of the shower a constant-flow water and high humidity plants, creating an exotic jungle atmosphere in the Virgo’s shower. In the kitchen put to work Virgo’s signature colours, yellow-green, cream, and brown, with green and cream tiles creating a backsplash above the counters and dark-coloured hardwood floors, or wooden tiles.


The largest room in the Libra home should be a library that doubles as a living room. Line the walls with cases for books but choose a light wood to keep the space from feeling confined, since Libra is an air sign favouring large open spaces. The Libra enjoys the company of others and participating in intellectual discussions, so be sure to provide ample and comfortable seating in your Libra’s library. The Libra’s dining room should be intimate and close to accommodate their affinity to intimate, romantic dinners.


The Scorpion is the enigma of the Zodiac. Scorpios revel in mystery and secrecy as well as sexual intimacy. Focus primarily on the bedroom, giving the Scorpio lover black-out curtains and a luxurious bed. Offer this water sign only the best silk bedding in deep reds, exotic plants, and a memory foam mattress.

In the rest of the house, cater to the mysterious side of the Scorpion by using locked trunks as furniture pieces.


The Capricorn is prone to entertaining business guests and in that respect a large, comfortable, office is elementary. There is far more to a house than just the office, of course, and in the Capricorn home we focus on hobbies and interests. Cotton throw pillows in dusty shades of green and purple (violet and indigo are Capricorn‘s signature colours ) soften the appearance of a black leather sofa and chairs.

Aquarius and Pisces

The final two signs, Aquarius and Pisces, are both drawn to whimsy, imagination, and magic. Air sign Aquarius will enjoy a home with few divisions in rooms. Broad archways replace doorways in the Aquarian home. Cover windows in sheer fabrics and walls in abstract artwork, but beneath the paintings should not be sanitary white walls. Fill two paint pans, one with a pale yellow, slightly darker than the cream used for the Virgo kitchen, and the other with lavender, utilising Aquarius’ signature colours. Dip porous soft sponges into both pans of paint then dab them on the walls, overlapping and mixing the colours as you go.

Water sign Pisces’ home is a place of underwater fantasy. Fountains and water features should decorate nearly every corner of the home. Water features can include floating and submergible plants in vases and aquariums. More watery whimsy can come from silvery grey and white carpeting, furnishings, and wall coverings (wallpaper, paint ) splashed with rugs, satin pillows, and sheer window coverings in blue, green, and purple. One room should include a large aquarium (50 gallons or more ) filled with brightly coloured fish, submergible plants, and blue and green glass beads in place of gravel in the bottom.


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