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Here are some decorating project ideas that you can complete in a weekend or less. These are also the types of changes you could make in an apartment or house without risking too much.

Start by picking up your supplies on Friday. Then complete your projects on Saturday and leave Sunday for other jobs, like cleaning up.

Replacing light switch plates

One of the easiest ways to update the look in your room is to update the light switches. The light switch is usually the first thing you reach for when you walk into a room, so a new switch plate will get noticed. Find a decorative switch plate that will fit the design of the rest of your room. Replace a plastic plate with brass, copper, or chrome for a more refined look. There are even switch plates that have textured designs or have pretty colour schemes. Using a screwdriver, unscrew the old plate, then simply screw in the new plate into the same holes in the switch.

Hanging new artwork

This is a very dramatic — and very simple — way to update your décor. Many home stores sell reproductions of famous paintings and photographs, or you can look for inexpensive artwork ideas in DIY stores. A lot of glue-on fittings are now available and really easy to use, even for heavy frames

Add an accent wall

A slightly more involved decorating project is to paint one wall in a room a different colour. This accent wall is an easy way to add vibrancy to a room. When you choose your accent wall, decide what the best feature in the room is and use paint to bring that out more. It should probably be the focal point of the room, like a wall with a fireplace or a great piece of art on it.

Sometimes it is difficult to decide on a single accent colour for your space. If you’re torn between two or three hues you can incorporate all of them by painting bold bands of colour across your wall. Simply use painter’s tape to create broad stripes, double-checking with a level to ensure your lines are straight. Paint in between the tape strips, then let dry and remove for a wall that’s all your own.

Replacing your bathroom or kitchen hardware

Cabinet knobs and drawer pulls are simple to replace and can really give the bathroom a different look. These updates also will bring a new look to your kitchen. All you need is a screwdriver to remove the old hardware and install the new pieces.

If you’d rather use the metal hardware you already have but it’s looking a little dingy, just remove it and make it shine again with steel wool.

Before you purchase new hardware, measure the distance between the screw holes on the cabinet handles and the supports on the towel bar. Make sure that you buy new hardware that will match those distances.

The cabinet and drawer knobs or handles are easy to replace. Simply open the cabinet or drawer and unscrew it in the back, then place your new knob and handle over the existing holes and screw them into place.

You can have a completely new look for some of the most important rooms in your home in little over a day. This is a fun way to easily change the look in some of your rooms and to add some visual interest in your home.



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