Astro decor — decorating for your star sign

Part one

Would you like to redecorate a room in your home, or even your whole home, but are at a loss for where to start? Try looking to the stars. Even if you don’t believe in astrology, decorating for your sign may offer you some interesting ideas. Each of the 12 signs has corresponding colours, elements, and personality traits that can have appealing effects on your life when applied to the décor of your home.

If you find in your research the characteristics of your sign don’t match your personality, and your birthday falls in what is called a cusp (typically four or five days before and after the date the signs change on the calendar; between the 18th and 25th of the month, usually ), you might find that, even though your birthday is technically under one sign, you show more characteristics of the other sign in the cusp.

Aries is the cardinal fire sign, which means the Arian prefers to be in command, the head of the household. They don’t like to be restricted physically, so Aries’ decorators will do well to cross elements and give their subject a wide open house with lots of space. In the kitchen, the Aries enjoys foods with colour, so add paintings of brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Adorn the living room with modern furnishings and artwork and leather and satin pillows. Red is very often a good colour for Aries

The Taurean prefers comfort and luxury so choose wooden framed furniture upholstered in soft colours of ultra suede or brushed cotton. Taurus’ signature colours are pastels and blues; consider this when choosing fabrics for upholstery. Music brings pleasure to the Taurus so a stereo system with speakers throughout the house is a welcome feature. As this is a tidy sign, preferring the house to be orderly, storage is a must. Attractive, discreet, storage, especially for toys in a home with children, can be achieved through drawers in the coffee table and hinged tops on ottomans.

Both the Gemini and Sagittarian personalities enjoy travelling. An office decorated with globes, antique maps, nautical symbols, and framed photos of exotic cities would suit both personalities well. The Gemini office should have, in addition to the travel motif, state of the art office equipment, while the Sagittarius is more free spirited and would appreciate the least amount of equipment, should he/she decide to pack up and move on a whim. Sagittarius is a fire element but due to his/her pack-up-and-go nature, Sagittarians may be more suited to candles to express their element rather than a fireplace. The active gaming side of Geminis would enjoy the inclusion of a game room in their home. Geminis enjoy novelty so try creative touches, such as using newspapers from decades passed as wallpaper.

Cancer is the mother of the zodiac, ruled by the moon. She enjoys home décor with a sense of history; focus on adding antiques throughout the house. Cancereans enjoy the company of friends and family so when choosing period furniture look for beauty and comfort. Since Cancer is a water sign with a strong instinct to nurture, water plants such as lilies add life to the antique surroundings. Finally, as part of the nurturing instincts of the crab, cooking is a noted passion so be sure to focus significant attention on a large, accessible, and functional kitchen.

The lion’s den should be the primary focus of Leo’s home. Exotic food and drink are tops on Leo’s list so a fully stocked, serviceable bar and wine rack are a must. While the den is a retreat in most homes, the entertaining Leo’s den should double as a great room, with dark leather furniture and woodwork, accented by satin pillows and throw blankets, candles, light fixtures, and anything else that the Leo may choose to add to the room in Leo’s signature colours, yellow and gold. Elegance is key when decorating for the lion.



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