Allergy free living

Very often, when you have people living in your home with allergies there are several restrictions that can arise when it comes to your home interior. You will have to take extra care about the materials you use when you decorating your home. However, just because allergies exist in the home there is no reason for it to look barren and cold. You can still decorate your home to be attractive and inviting. Here are some tips that you can use when decorating an allergy free home.

1. Eliminate wall to wall carpeting.

2. Use ceiling fans:

3. Use a decorative humidifier and air purifier:

4. Use area rugs for warmth:

5. Use blinds instead of curtains:

Just because you or a family member has allergies is no reason not to have style and décor in your home. By using allergen free products such as blinds, wood flooring, and tiles, using area rugs instead of wall to wall carpeting, and also having an air purifier and humidifier in the home, you can have an allergen free home that is very much in vogue.


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