Remodel your bathroom

Tired of your 1970s bathroom? Maybe it’s time to give it a lift. Bathroom remodelling either fills you with thoughts of clean, gleaming, white surfaces or of a half-assembled disaster. Here are some steps to a bathroom remodelling project.

Estimate your bathroom remodel

Bathroom remodelling is expensive, it can typically range from €5,000 to €12,000 for a basic, functional remodel.

Although most bathrooms are small, the cost comes from the amount of subcontracting you may have to do (ie, plumbers, electricians ) and expensive elements such as fixtures, and cabinetry. Along with your tiles your bath is likely to be your main cost.

Remodel bathroom yourself or hire a contractor?

If you are motivated and are merely performing surface alterations, you should be able to remodel the bathroom yourself. Installing a new toilet is simple; building a new tiled shower should be left to the pros. Assess which projects to do yourself and which to leave to the professionals.

Changing the layout of your bathroom

With bathrooms, you're dealing with the plumbing and electrical system. Layout changes, such as switching toilet and shower, drive up the cost of bathroom remodelling, so keep this in mind.

Shower and bath repair, refinishing, or replacement

The shower, bath, or combination is the heart of the bathroom. For many, this may be the entire reason for the bathroom remodel.

It is possible to install a bathtub liner — a sort of ‘overcoat’ for an icky tub. Alternatively, and with a bit less fuss, you can install a pre-fabricated acrylic or fibreglass shower/bath. Pre-fab shower/baths need no on-site building, because they have been fabricated in the factory.

Bathroom flooring

Moisture is the culprit in bathrooms, so you can't just choose any kind of flooring. A perennial favourite is ceramic tile, but laminate flooring and engineered flooring also do the trick. Whatever you do, avoid hardwood flooring, as it does not tolerate moisture well.

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