Skin deep

Men suffering from tight, sensitive skin are advised to avoid soap or products not formulated for sensitive skin.

Instead cleanse with a gentle formula, such as Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Soothing Foam Wash, (€8.99 ) recommends L’Oreal.

This is enriched with mineral salts, has a neutral pH and is alcohol and colourant free. In a US consumer blind test this wash ranked number one ahead of 10 best selling formulas.

Other products from the range include Hydra Sensitive Multi-Protection 24-hour Hydrating Cream (€14.99 ) which protects against the drying effects of shaving, Hydra Sensitive Quenching Effect Post-Shave Balm (€8.99 ) which helps to soothe razor burn and irritation caused by shaving and Hydra Sensitive Anti Razor Burn Shaving Gel which covers the skin with a protective film, easing the glide of the razor to reduce the dryness and irritation often caused by shaving.

* The L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Sensitive Range is available from all leading retailers.


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