Trading Faces Stage School & Casting Agency

According to Claire Power, artistic director with Trading Faces, young performers have suffered greatly in the last 18 months. They need to breathe and create again. Their personal development and self esteem have been severely compromised. Taking part in acting, singing, and dancing workshops will boost confidence, in a fun environment.

1. Builds self confidence: Trading Faces takes students out of their comfort zone, in a safe and fun environment. Building confidence and self-esteem as all students are nurtured and taught how to express their thoughts in a creative way, performing fabulous musicals in Town Hall Theatre. And that confidence to stand in front of an audience, will stay with them for life.

2. Improves communication skills: From talking with their peers and coaches, to projecting their voice on stage, another benefit of Trading Faces Stage School is improved communication skills.

3. CAO performance points: NUI Galway and other third level institutions currently offer points to students who show artistic promise in drama and theatre, film and music.

4. Teamwork and friendships: The teamwork involved in performances, is unlike any other activity. You learn how to collaborate with other young people, who share an interest in the performing arts, and friendships are inevitable. The casting agency places young performers on TV, in feature films, commercials, and in voice over animations. One of the more famous past students is Nicola Coughlan, of Derry Girls and Bridgerton. Booking limited places now. Contact Claire at 085 101 77 66 or see


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