'Why I trained in acupuncture'

Attila Szanto, CNM acupuncture graduate and lecturer.

Attila Szanto, CNM acupuncture graduate and lecturer.

I trained as a social scientist with a PhD from the London School of Economics before discovering my interest in acupuncture and naturopathy.

Having found great benefit from acupuncture treatment, I developed an interest in exploring this healing art. Having spent many years on my PhD, I realised I’d like to do something else for a living than more academic work – something that involved my heart, and that people could benefit from in a tangible way.

CNM was recommended by a friend who had studied there and she was very happy with her experience. I was particularly attracted to the emphasis on hands-on training in acupuncture; students must complete 400 clinical hours before graduating.

What I best loved about my CNM course was the wealth of lecturers’ experience and the diversity of approaches they brought to the course. This gave me many ideas about the kind of practitioner I would like to become, and how I would want to continue to develop professionally post-graduation.

As every experienced acupuncturist will tell you, growing into a healthcare practitioner is inseparable from one’s own healing journey; otherwise how could I offer guidance to my clients and spark their confidence in getting better? Now I am much more aware of the many aspects of health and I enjoy sharing my understanding with others. I practise from a well-established clinic and volunteer in a community acupuncture clinic. I am also an acupuncture lecturer and final year student supervisor for CNM.

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