“CNM opened the doorway to personal transformation… I could never have imagined”

I was doing street food and journalism before I came across CNM. I burnt out running a street food truck and the search for alternatives, from a place of extreme depletion and exhaustion, started me on a new career path and, more importantly, a deep healing journey.

The CNM course was highly recommended by friends who had studied there. I was attracted to studying due to the comprehensive course content and the thorough clinical practice CNM offers.

I really loved the practical experience of holding clinic and the innately holistic approach of the course content. I found my studies at CNM empowering, and healing and the journey has changed my life in every way! I began to blog about my experiences and create recipes and then published my book, The Naturalista, which has been described as “A book for the kitchen, the bathroom and the heart”, an offering for collective vitality.

My CNM studies inspired me to take a holistic approach to my whole life. First it was food and then natural beauty which led me to inner female wellness, womb wisdom and connection to nature. I have ventured deeply into women's healing and all forms of medicine, exploring what creates true vitality and wellness. Taking real care of my body and myself has allowed me to become free from so much more than just an unhelpful diet and chemical skincare: a vast web of wellness and self-care. Ultimately true self-love is available to us all and a key path in the modern world.

Since I qualified, I have been working with women to create sacred space for healing and for a loving sisterhood. The powerful medicine of reclaiming our wisdom through our bodies and taking our healing into our own hands is what I love most about my practice.

Studying and practising naturopathic nutrition at CNM opened the doorway to a journey of personal transformation that I could never have imagined...

Do something life-changing.

Gain new skills. Change career. Help others.

CNM has a 22-year track record training successful health professionals online and in class.

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