Twists of L - Harlean Palfrey releases new album

Harlean Palfrey

Harlean Palfrey

HARLEAN PALFREY, the Galway singer-songwriter, will release her new album, Twists Of L, tomorrow, Friday October 30. "The title describes twists of life, love, and discovering light in shifting times," the singer says.

The album was recorded in Windmill Lane Recording Studios, Dublin, during the summer, and features songs in English and German. A taste of the album has already been provided by the singles - the rock-orientated 'Schattenträume' and the love ballad 'Quatervois'.

Born Daniela Krause, Harlean is classically trained, and draws inspiration from Lana Del Rey, Florence and the Machine, Evanescence, and M83. She got her start as a backing vocalist for various bands and by regularly performing at open-mics. To date, she has been working remotely with numerous American producers such as TE Music Group, Rolen Music Group, Anthony Little, Krysta Youngs, Mikal Reid, and Natalia Bortolotti.

In order to progress in her music career, Daniela underwent a re-brand in May 2020 with the switch to a new distributor and a new stage name in Harlean Palfrey. The name was inspired by the birth name of actress Jean Harlow, and a worker council which revolutionised the saddle industry in Britain.

As Daniela, she released the single 'Oceanblue', an atmospheric love ballad showcasing her rich, dark vocal stylings followed by her official debut EP, Kiss, consisting of six tracks in the pop/rock/alternative genre. Both have been re-released via Spinnup by Universal Music.

Pete Duffy, the director/founder of The Dreams Loft said of her music: “These were quite personal songs. She was able to take any suggestion to help improve and convey the message of the song, which helped to make them truly great! She has an amazingly beautiful rich alto voice too!”

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