'Tragic' - Cat Turner releases new single

Need some self love? Galway singer's new track might just be the tonic

Cat Turner.

Cat Turner.

"IT'S A love song you can sing to yourself, with a hint of sarcasm!" is how Galway singer/songwriter/producer Cat Turner describes her new single, 'Tragic', which is released on Friday October 23.

Fusing electronica, with eighties indie-rock, and modern pop, the track sees Turner being somewhat more positive, and less self-critical than on previous releases.

‘I’ve released a lot of tracks in the past that criticise myself or are pretty harsh," she says. "Honestly that’s generally cathartic, but this time around I was writing something, that I see as positive towards myself."

'Tragic' is about loving someone despite, or perhaps because of, the flaws in the relationship - especiually the relationship with ourself, where we are often our own most vocal critic. The song, however, asks us to notice things about ourselves we would never want to lose.

"The track is about accepting how you genuinely don’t want to change these things or be someone else," she says. "It’s a love song that you can sing to yourself with a hint of sarcasm!"

Listen to or download the track via https://soundcloud.com/catturnermusic/cat-turner-tragic-download.


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