'Alright' - Anna Mullarkey releases new single

The search for calm in a time of pandemic gives birth to a song of gratitude from Galway musician

Anna Mullarkey.

Anna Mullarkey.

'ALRIGHT', THE new single from Galway vocalist and composer Anna Mullarkey is released today, Tuesday October 13, via the independent Galway based label, Strange Brew.

'Alright' was written during the initial lockdown and was a response to missing friends and the inner voice - sometimes reassuring, sometimes very negative - which each of us have.

"Our internal voices can alter our daily experiences," Anna says about the song. "We tell ourselves how we are doing as we respond to new situations. I wanted the heart of “Alright” to be about this inner voice. I didn’t feel alright so I wrote a mantra that would bring me some calmness. I missed seeing my friends and family so I began focusing on how grateful I am to have them in my life. Like something light coming from the dark.”

On the track, Anna, on synths and vocals, is accompanied by Sam Wright (bass ) and David Shaughnessy (drums ). To play or download, go to https://annamullarkey.bandcamp.com/album/alright. Anna is working on her first solo album which is set for release in 2021


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