Rusted Rail releasing new single from Galway's A Lilac Decline

Rusted Rail will be releasing the new single from Galway's A Lilac Decline (the indie/shoegaze/folk-rock alter ego of visual artist Cecilia Danell ) tomorrow via Bandcamp.

Inspired by early 90's indie rock, 'They'll Never Know' is the second single from A Lilac Decline's sophomore album Shelter from the Shadows which will be released this autumn on Galway-based independent label Rusted Rail. The song is about putting on a brave face to disguise inner turmoil, something many of us are familiar with in these uncertain times. This infectious, grunge-inflected single features drums played by Brian Kelly of indie-pop combo So Cow which add a defiant catharsis to the song's chorus - aptly showcasing the fuzzy melodies and chunky riffs that feature on A Lilac Decline's second album.

The single will be released via the Independent Galway label, Rusted Rail, tomorrow and can be bought or streamed from

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