EP Review: Adeline

Adeline - Intérimes (Unity Records)

Adeline. Photo:- Shervin Lainez

Adeline. Photo:- Shervin Lainez

PARIS BORN, New York based; bassist in Cee-Lo Green’s band; former member of nu-disco outfit Escort; and solo soul/funk/R'n'B singer - Adeline is all these things.

Her new EP, Intérimes, showcases her smooth soul style, with its attendant sensuality and classiness; danceable grooves; and a sophisticated pop sensibility. It also reveals a musician who understands and appreciates the heritage of funk and soul - there are elements of Prince in the opening track 'Stay Up', along with traces of Stevie Wonder, Eryka Badu, and 90s R'n'B throughput.

Intérimes may not reinvent the soul wheel, but it shows the genre is in good hands and there is quality here, particularly the aforementioned 'Stay Up' and the languid 'Just Another Day'.

Most interesting though is her cover off Black Sabbath's 'Planet Caravan'. The Sabs' original was an inspired fusion of psychedelia and jazz. Adeline's version keeps the psych and fuses it with soul to create a version both respectfully the original, yet creative enough to stand as a worthwhile re-working.


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