Daithi soundtracks new documentary at Fleadh

How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic screens this Friday at 5pm

Michael-David and Mimi in How To Fall In Love In A Pandemic.

Michael-David and Mimi in How To Fall In Love In A Pandemic.

DAITHÍ, one of Ireland's most creative and imaginative musicians and producers has composed the music for a new documentary premiering at the Galway Film Fleadh.

How To Fall In Love In A Pandemic, a true story drawn from director Michael-David McKernan's experiences, will be screened at www.galwayfilmfleadh.com at 5pm tomorrow, Friday July 10.

How to Fall in Love in a Pandemic | Trailer from Michael-David McKernan on Vimeo.

Two filmmakers match on Tinder in Chicago. Michael-David and Mimi spend a whirlwind weekend together before saying goodbye as Michael-David returns home to Ireland. Mimi arrives in Dublin for a five day trip on March 13, the same day Ireland declares lockdown.

Air travel halts, her return flight is cancelled, and the pair are forced to move in together indefinitely. Using smartphones, they document the acceleration of their relationship and try to make sense of their new romance. How do you fast-track matching on Tinder to living together?

The film will feature music from across Daithí's career. “Micheal David and I have been good friends since we worked on his last film HALO together," he says. "When he told me about his pandemic with Mimi I was blown away. Once he showed me the documentary, I found it really inspiring. We used elements of music from my entire career. I found the last few minutes of the documentary so captivating, I wrote a piece of music specially for it."

The piece is entitled 'How To Fall In Love In A Pandemic' and will also be released on July 10.

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