Exhausted Netflix? Then check out All 4

Channel 4's streaming service has great TV series and films to watch - and it's free access

The brilliant Stephen Graham in Shane Meadow's powerful series, The Virtues.

The brilliant Stephen Graham in Shane Meadow's powerful series, The Virtues.

IF, LIKE me, you have exhausted everything interesting on Netflix and Amazon, and are now desperate for good content, check out All 4, Channel 4's online offering.

All 4 is, unsurprisingly, full of great stuff. There is a subscription option but that just removes ads, and otherwise you can watch for free. Here are some movies and tv shows I think are worth your time.

State Lets Flats: If you have ever lived in London, you may remember the absolute worst people in the whole city are the real estate and letting people. Stath Lets Flats is a brilliant, half-hour, workplace comedy, in the vein of the IT Crowd or Green Wing, about a young greek letting agent working for his family business.

The Virtues: This is a mini series from the great Shane Meadows, best known for the award winning film and TV show, This Is England. Indeed The Virtues is not far off that in terms of quality. Starring the incredible Stephen Graham, who might be my favourite actor working today, the series is about an addict whose life is breaking down again when his ex-wife moves to Australia with his son. Bleak, but well worth watching.

Crashing: The same year Phoebe Waller-Bridge released the first season of her multi award winning show Fleabag, she also released another TV show called Crashing. It follows the lives of six twenty-somethings living together in a disused hospital. It does not have the depth and intensity of Fleabag, but it is just as funny. If, like me, you want to consume everything Phoebe Waller-Bridge produces you cannot miss this.

Bone Tomahawk: If you are looking for a fun (although incredibly violent ) new western this is well worth a watch. It is directed by S Craig Zahler and stars Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, and Richard Jenkins. A posse is assembled when a young woman goes missing from a small town in the wild west. The posse soon realises it has bitten off more than it can chew, but a combination of sunk cost and honour keeps them going. Again, this is quite bloody so not for the squeamish.

Attack the Block: The directorial debut of Joe Cornish, one half of Channel 4 legends Adam and Joe, this film follows Samantha who is mugged by teenagers outside her flat. Soon after, a meteor crashes into the park nearby and some dog-like aliens attack the apartment block. Sounds daft, and it is, but it is also a proper fun genre movie along the lines of Critters or Tremors, except set in inner city London. It was the launching pad for Star Wars' John Boyega and you can see his star power already in this. The design of the aliens is in my option second maybe only to the Xenophophes in coolness of design.


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