The best box sets to watch on Netflix and Amazon

The best TV series to binge on while the coronavirus restrictions continue

The cast of Parks and Recreation are here to give yo a laugh during the Covid-19 restrictions.

The cast of Parks and Recreation are here to give yo a laugh during the Covid-19 restrictions.

WHILE I do love watching movies, sometimes when the nights are particularly long, having a TV show to binge on can be an enormous comfort. We have all watched a lot of these shows, such as Breaking Bad or Mad Men, so here are a few which maybe you have not seen yet.

Parks and Recreation: From the people who brought you the US Office. While it may not hit the heights of season two and three of The Office (also on Amazon ) it does manage to keep standards high throughout the run of the show. Every character on this could have their own show and it brilliantly manages to straddle the line of twee and positivity without being too saccharine or annoying. Available on Amazon Video.

Fargo: When I heard it they were making a TV show out of the great Coen brothers movie from the 1990s I rolled my eyes, but, incredibly enough they pulled it off. While not the same story, it borrows some of the elements which made that movie work. It takes a darker turn around season three, and is all the better for it - particularly the fourth episode of that season, entitled 'Peter and The Wolf'. Available on Netflix.

Friday Night Lights: Do not let the sports aspect put you off, this can be enjoyed regardless of any interest in sport. This is a brilliantly acted and written show which comes into its own as it goes on. It does start a little like The OC (not that there’s anything wrong with that ) but turns into something really special by the end. For my memory it also has the best, and most realistic depiction of a married couple ever put on screen with Coach Taylor and his wife. Available on Amazon Video.

Dark: This German TV show is Stranger Things meets Twin Peaks meets Black Mirror. This is one of those shows I had to read a recap of after every few episodes to make sure I was getting it right. Even though it is subtitled I still cannot believe more people are not talking about this show. Available on Netflix.

The OA: If I explained to you the premise of The OA you would never watch it. It is without a doubt the weirdest thing Netflix has ever done and while they ended it a bit early, you must admire the budget allocated to this bonkers series. Unfortunately we never got to see the planned ending but do not let that put you off. The final episode is one of the most insane and brilliant things I have seen a mainstream show do. Available on Netflix.

Anthony Bourdain, Parts Unknown: When the coronavirus pandemic is all over you might want to go on a trip. Well, maybe wait until the end is in sight before you start this. Part travel show, part food show, and hosted by the late Anthony Bourdain, he gives his unique perspective on life and food. Several incredible guests join him such as Obama in Vietnam or Bill Murray in South Carolina. Some episodes are guest directed, with Asia Argento directing the Rome episode. It is the best food show ever made. Available on Amazon Video.


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