Get your roof winter ready with KCL Roofing & Guttering

As winter begins to set in, and the weather becomes harsher day by day, KCL Roofing & Guttering outlines what needs to be done to prepare your roof against whatever weather this winter might bring.

"We recommend having your roof inspected ideally twice per year, or at a minimum once per year, for any defects such as cracked/slipped tiles/slates, lifted flashings, damaged ridges or ridge pointing, punctured or thorn felt, etc," says Seamus from KCL Roofing & Guttering. "Most big roof issues that we come across on our roof inspections normally begin as a very small defect that if it had been addressed at an early stage could have been easily repaired.

"Make sure your gutters and downpipes are working properly. Your home’s gutters and downpipes play an important role. They are responsible for properly draining water from your roof and away from your home’s foundations. Gutters commonly become clogged by leaves during the autum. Come winter, the clogged gutters simply are not capable of doing their job. After all the leaves have fallen, schedule an appointment to clean out your gutters and downspouts.

"It’s also important to be on the lookout for other problems like cracks, leaking joints, sagging gutters or gutter clips that are loose or missing. It's crucial to be aware of any fascia or soffit rot that may be present as both the fascia and soffits are attached to your rafters and will spread the rot to the rafters if not addressed.

"I’d also recommend checking inside the loft space to make sure that there is adequate insulation in place. An estimated 25 per cent of all heat loss occurs through the attic or roof of a home. Possibly costing hundreds of euro in fuel costs each year. Additionally, a house will not retain the heat if the loft is not properly insulated.

"As one of your home’s first defences against rain, snow and wind, your roof plays a vital role in protecting your family and safeguarding your possessions. Taking care of it is an important step in ensuring that it will not fail prematurely.

"Since winter is the hardest season for roofs, winter season roof maintenance is extremely important. A few preventative measures now could save you from a major disaster in the middle of winter. Taking proper care of your roof, will ensure your roof takes care of you and your family for years to come."

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