A Brief History of (sustainable) Fire

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Our newest product, PiniKay eco logs, might just accelerate the transition back to sustainable fuels. The ‘PiniKay’ name is a nod to the machine that compresses waste wood from sawmills into dense log-shaped briquettes that burn long and hot like coal and peat but without the ash. Or the carbon footprint.

Our best fossil evidence suggests that our ancient ancestors first harnessed fire around half a million years ago and unlocked a cascade of technology. Being able to control fire became a superpower. Fire enabled us to turn rock into the metal which we used to develop weapons for hunting. We used fire to cook the meat we hunted, which helped us develop larger brains. Fire literally shaped who we are.

The fire remains deep within our culture. For millennia, wood has fuelled the fires we gathered around. Trees turn carbon dioxide into firewood. Fire turns wood into carbon dioxide that’s absorbed by the next generation of trees. It’s a balance, a natural carbon cycle that’s 100% sustainable.

At Ecofuel.ie, we’ve made it our mission to restore the fire at the heart of the home, returning to wood to eliminate fossil fuels from our delicate carbon cycle.

Our Pinikay logs are delivered in plastic-free packaging too, making them the first plastic-free, sustainable solid fuel in Ireland (we’re rather proud of that ).

Just another small change you can make to live a little more sustainably.

First published on Ecofuel.ie


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