Love your bedroom sale with EZ Living Furniture

Whether you love your bedroom or your bedroom is in need of a little extra loving, EZ Living Furniture is here to spread it with its “love your bedroom” sale. The sale will take place from November 1 to 10, giving customers plenty of time to choose wisely and fall in love with the new bedroom collection.

EZ Living Furniture is reducing all of its mattresses and bedroom furniture, including a 10 per cent reduction on headboards and bases when you buy a mattress. But what is a bedroom without accessories? Don’t worry, the furniture company has thought of this too with a 20 per cent reduction off mirrors, lamps, rugs, and wall art. Now you can add a personal touch to your bedroom for a fraction of the cost. It are also offering free disposal and free delivery when you buy a mattress over €359.

What’s not to love?

Reasons why you should invest in your bedroom:

It counts (and not just sheep ): We spend one third of our lives asleep and therefore that one third is mostly spent in our bedrooms. Therefore we may as well make it a pleasant experience.

Make it your own: Having a place to call your own will not only allow you to unwind after a long day, it can also play a massive role in how you both think and feel.

Boring leads to snoring (and not the good kind ): Are you sick of your bedroom interior? Feeling uninspired? Why not add a funky rug or a new headboard. Sometimes it really is the smallest details that make a lasting impact.

Welcome home: Maybe your bedroom has lost its 'warm welcome' effect. If so, adding wooden furniture or mood lighting might be an interior game changer for you.

Because you are worth it: Read that again.

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