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Sunglasses serve an important function in protecting your eye health. You already know the harm that the sun’s ultraviolet (UV ) radiation rays can potentially do to your skin – but these rays can also cause damage to your eyes.

Blocking both UVA and UVB radiation (labelled either “UV400” or “100% UV protection ), can offer appropriate protection.

Quality sunglasses help safeguard us from numerous eye conditions such as cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygium. These conditions are more likely to occur if you expose your eyes to excessive amounts of UV rays. Certain cancers of the eye and eyelids may also be associated with excessive UV exposure.

There are a number of people who may be susceptible to complications associated with excessive UV exposure. For example, those who have had eye injuries or surgery, or those individuals with light-coloured eyes. Even certain medications can cause photosensitivity. All of the aforementioned individuals will certainly benefit from proper UV protection.

If you choose the correct sunglasses you can considerably minimise your risk of UV damage to not only the front but also the back of your eyes. Oranmore Optometrists will assess your individual needs and advise you accordingly.

Polarized tinted lenses provide even more comfortable vision in sunlight. They decrease the additional glare that can occur from non-metallic reflective surfaces such as that from roads and water; thus making them ideal for driving and water-based activities such as fishing, sailing and skiing.

Transitions or photochromic lenses are clear when worn indoors and at night but automatically react/ darken outside. This not only offers comfort from the light but also shields the eyes from harmful UV rays. Transitions are available in a wide range of prescriptions and can be worn by all age groups.

Apart from all of the above positive benefits to your eye health, sunglasses can really add to your look; making you look more hip, stylish, or even mysterious.

There are a number of beautiful styles to choose from at Oranmore Optometrists whether you’re on a budget or on the look for a high-end designer product.

For a fabulous selection of designer and non-designer quality UV sunglasses pop into Oranmore Optometrists or call us on 091 788537 to arrange an appointment.


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